Spooktacular Readathon – October Reading Challenge

bible-book-book-bindings-1112048Hello my darlings, it will be October soon, and after a restless night of thinking I’ve decided to create the Spooktacular Readathon, a yearly October reading Challenge, that goes from th 1st to 31st midnight.

The Readathon will always consist of 6 reading challenges with 3 bonus reading challenges that can be met if the first 6 are completed. There will always be a mix of general and specific books, so it is still a challenge but not too difficult to find a book to read for it. Anyways the goal is not only to read some spooky reads but to expand from what I usually read and cut down on my ever growing tbr. So down below are this year’s challenges as well as my reasoning behind choosing said challenges.

Challenge #1: Ghost Story Read a horror. October is just a nice way of saying the month dedicated to all things creepy, spooky/cute, and scary. Horrors also become really popular in October, so it only makes sense to start things off with a horror. Now when I say horror it can be books written by modern-day authors like Stephen King or old school ones like Bram Storker, as long as the book’s genre  falls somewhere on the spectrum as horror (even if mixed, ex. Mystery/Horror) then it counts.

  • This Challenge will be the only one that will appear on the Spooktastic Readathon annually.

Trick or Treat are pretty much classic Halloween words, so I thought I would associate challenges to them.  

Challenge #2: Trick – Read a book at the bottom of your tbr or has been on your shelves forever. For Trick I thought along the lines of you may not be in the mood for it, but it still is on your tbr and it is happening this month.

Challenge #3: Treat Read a new release that you were highly anticipating. Basically a book that came out in 2018 that you were looking forward to but have yet to get to.

Challenge #4: Restless Spirits – Read a book about Ghosts, Ghouls or Poltergeists. If there are three things October celebrates, it is candy, costumes and the dead. So it is only natural to read a book about the paranormal.

Challenge #5: Fangs Delight – Read a book that centers around Vampires. An iconic creature of the night and a last-minute costume if I have nothing prepared earlier.

Challenge #6: Something Wicked This Way Comes – Read a book about Witches or Warlocks. Witches are my favourite creatures of the night, so naturally I am going to have a challenge dedicated to them.


Challenge #6: Show Time Read a book that takes place at a carnival or circus-esque place. I’m recently catching up on American Horror Story and I’ve just started Freakshow which makes creepy and whimsical circus books pretty relevent. Also killer clowns are terrifying.

Challenge #7: Phantom’s SongRead a book that deals with the arts [opera, instruments, dance, etc…]. This idea was obviously inspired by the french gothic book The Phantom of the Opera, but there are a lot of books that deal with the arts that are pretty underrated so what better time to pick one up.

Challenge #8: American PsychoRead a psychological thriller or true crime novel. I mean the title is pretty self-explanatory. Personally I feel like not a lot of people (nor I) reach for True Crime or psychological thrillers despite how well they work during this month so I created this challenge to help with that.

So those are my challenges for 2018’s Spooktacular Readthon, this year I decided to make them all easy and straightforward, but I have big plans for future Spooktacular challenges such as Xenomorphs, Rocky Horror Picture Show and so many more. But I am getting ahead of myself.

When it comes to choosing a tbr, all formats (comics, manga, graphic novel, poetry, short stories) are welcome as long as they meet the challenges (so a graphic novel with a circus setting counts) UNLESS the challenge specifies otherwise (Can’t read a comic for a challenge about poetry unless it is all in verse). Personally I’ve already chosen my tbr, but I will delve more into that in my October tbr, but until then happy reading and let me know if you plan on joining.



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